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Cerebral Fix - Disaster Of RealityCerebral Fix - Disaster Of Reality

Band: Cerebral Fix
Album: Disaster Of Reality
Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Format: CD
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Xtreem Music


1. Justify 06:35
2. Mosh Injury 01:06
3. Crucified World 02:45
4. Realities of War (Discharge cover) 02:08
5. Skate Fear 01:54
6. Reality Pill 03:11
7. Dear Mother Earth 02:33
8. Dead Cities (Exploited cover) 02:07
9. Never Say Never Again 02:40
10. Felted Cross 05:09
11. Inside My Guts 03:00
12. (Untitled Mystery Track) 03:54

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