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Band: Aposepsiya
Album: Aposepsiya
Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: brutal death metal
Label: Amputated Vein


01. Pathopsychology (The Chronicle of Pathomedicine) (01:04)
02. Morgue - Anatomical Theatre / Dismemberment of Mortinatus (01:49)
03. Aposepsy (02:24)
04. Malignant Tumor Ablation / Dirty Blood Scalpel... (01:37)
05. Decompression Craniotrypesis (00:57)
06. Autopsy (02:23)
07. Septicopyemia / Phagedenic Abscess (01:32)
08. Cranioclast (01:30)
09. Putrefaction (00:07)
10. Department of Morbid Anatomy / Forensic Medical Examination (02:06)
11. Lancing of Carbuncle, Surgical D-Bridement (02:16)
12. Necrocausty - The Smell of Singed Flesh, the Smoke of Burned Down Cartilage (01:14)
13. Cadaver Anatomy / Extraction of Viscera (01:39)
14. Trepanation of Medullary Canal, the Resection of Cranial Bones (03:09)
15. Bacteriological Decomposed Mutilated Dead Body Dissection (02:32)
16. Rigor Mortis (02:03)
17. Abortion - Interrupted Pregnancy (02:22)
18. Acroteriasm - Amputation of Smashed Limbs (01:19)

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