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Catapultah - WaterCatapultah - Water

Band: Catapultah
Album: Water
Year: 1997/2017
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Progressive Thrash Heavy
Label: Metal Race


1. Water (Intro) 01:16
2. Non Putaveram 04:19
3. The Last Life in the Last Stage 04:55
4. To Walk in the Rain 03:36
5. Another Fallen Leaf 03:46
6. Under the Moon 04:27
7. Zero... 06:45
8. Good Morning (F**k Off) 03:07
9. Water 06:43
10. Dvizhenie vspyat (Alisa cover) 03:28
11. Walk in the Rain (Q-ran remix)
12. Non Putaveram (2017 version)

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