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Fear Factory - RecodedFear Factory - Recoded

Band: Fear Factory
Album: Recoded
Year: 2022
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Soyuz Music


1. Adapt Or Die
2. Hatred Will Prevail (Monolith Remix)
3. Disobey (Disruptor Remix)
4. I Am The Nightrider (Fuel Injected Suicide Machine Remix)
5. Path To Salvation (Purity Remix)
6. Worthless (End Of Line Remix)
7. Empires Fall (Collapse Remix)
8. System Assassin (Aggression Continuum Remix)
9. Hypocrisy of Faith (Manufactured Hope Remix)
10. This Is My Life (Cognitive Dissonance Remix)
11. Recoded (Recode Remix)

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