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Hostia - Carnivore CarnivalHostia - Carnivore Carnival

Band: Hostia
Album: Carnivore Carnival
Year: 2020
Country: Poland
Format: CD, slipcase
Genre: Death Grind
Label: Deformeathing Production


1 He Loves You 0:25
2 Slaves 1:11
3 Krasnodar Kitchen 1:21
4 Grind The Filth 1:25
5 Fire Walks With Me 1:41
6 God's Coffin 1:10
7 Jason's Cardio 1:52
8 Witchfucker 1:21
9 We Did It 1:04
10 Have A Faith 1:36
11 No Longer 2:01
12 Carnivore Carnival 0:47
13 Wild Hunt 1:48
14 Chvrch Bvrner 1:59
15 Death By Sawing 0:46
16 Dance 4 Jesus 1:38
17 Panzer Church 1:46

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