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Dark Nova - SivillaDark Nova - Sivilla

Band: Dark Nova
Album: Sivilla
Year: 2005
Country: Greece
Format: CD, digi-pack
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Black Lotus Records


1. Avernus 01:02
2. Come into My Nightmare 04:38
3. Desperate Act 03:58
4. Sivilla 05:40
5. El Cant De La Sibil 01:33
6. In a Crevasse of Time 05:24
7. Flight to the Unknown 04:09
8. Out of the Silence 04:30
9. Reach for the Sky 05:38
10. Say No More 04:19
11. A Drifter in Stillness 04:10
12. Too Late to Hide 03:38

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