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Aneurysm - ShadesAneurysm - Shades

Band: Aneurysm
Album: Shades
Year: 2007
Country: Italy
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Old Ones


1. Shade One: Introspection 00:43
2. Under Grey Skies 04:23
3. Quagmire 03:43
4. Shade Two: War of Fragments 00:42
5. Black Narrow Eyes 05:09
6. Reflection 04:29
7. Shade Three: Into the Golden Fields 00:52
8. My Reward 04:44
9. Inquietudo Animi 04:39
10. Shade Four: Point of Contact 01:07
11. Proud 04:01
12. Shade Five: Desper-hate 00:37
13. Release 05:26
14. Real Ease 06:27
15. Shade Six: ...Shades 01:11

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