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Epicardiectomy - Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal DesecrationEpicardiectomy - Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration

Band: Epicardiectomy
Album: Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration
Year: 2012/2022
Country: Czechia
Format: LP
Genre: Slam / Brutal Death Metal
Label: Coyote


Side A
1. Fornicating in Pulverized Feces 04:24
2. Vaginal Colony Full of Vermin 03:22
3. Gobbling the Erupted Intestinal Mash 04:30
4. Phallus Decapitation 03:07
5. Catheteric Hacksaw Urethral Dissection 03:43
6. Ulcerous Cadaveric Decrepitation 04:16

Side B
7. Feasting on Putrid Hysterectomy Remnants 04:35
8. Defleshed and Wormed 04:11
9. Deformed to Shapless Cadaver (Demo version) 03:53
10. Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation (Demo version) 03:15

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