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Pork True - The Indestructible IPork True - The Indestructible I

Band: Pork True
Album: The Indestructible I
Year: 2021
Country: Spain / Costa Rica
Format: LP
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Base Record Production


Side A
1 Intro 0:50
2 Obliteration Till Egoism 2:18
3 Innebitable 2:00
4 Gnitacidare Gniyllub 1:55
5 Fading Out Idolatry 3:33
6 Mandatory Exclution 3:00

Side B
1 Fanatism Trauma 2:26
2 Cycles 2:46
3 Misconception Of Inner Struggles 1:56
4 To Conquer It All 2:27
5 The Indestructible I 2:16
6 Cannibalized Fleshyard 4:11

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